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Safemove Packers and Transport is Trusted by 16500+ Customers

Safemove Packers and movers is a professional service provider with a global reach. We have our transport vehicles for shifting and relocation services. Our main motive is to understand the needs and provide complete customer satisfaction. The methods and techniques are safe and secure for packing and moving valuable and perishable goods.

We provide a plethora of services under a common roof viz. Vehicle Transport Service, House Shifting services, Warehousing and Storage Service, Packing Service, Office Goods Shifting, Goods Insurance Service and the likes. We boast of having a vast fleet of vehicles and an elite and experienced team of professionals who are truly proficient in their work.
From small-scale home shifting services requirements to large-scale commercial shifting needs, Safemove packers and movers are always at your beck and call. Bringing together a highly efficient team of professionals along with a strong logistics and vehicular network. A highly credible door-to-door carrier you can rely on for all your packing, shifting, moving and storage requirements however big or small, Team Safemove has established itself as a leading player in the ‘movers and packers’ industry.

About us

Safemove packers and movers provide a 100% guarantee to clients and customers. We have a team of experienced and professional members for transportation services. A huge network is available for industrial and office goods relocation.

Our procedure is easy, simple, and comfortable for customers with professionalism. We are using the innovative and latest methods to complete the shifting and relocation services.

Our best services – Safemove packers and movers near me provides the best storage, warehousing, and logistics services. Besides it, Transportation services and corporate relocation services are our strengths.

A hassle-free environment is provided with complete safety and security. You can click on the website and know about the services. Plenty of benefits are provided to the customers. The best quality of relocation and shifting services are available for household shifting and office relocation.

Our Services

Safemove movers and packers ensures that all your residential and commercial packing,shifting and storage requirements are met with finesse.

  • 1

    Home Shifting Services

    We offer the best household goods shifting services. The services are available at affordable rates with high-quality packaging material and it is a benefit to the customers. Whether you are relocating to a domestic country or abroad, meeting the needs and requirements is possible.

    The customers can get services through use with complete safety and security. House shifting services are the best and according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

  • 2

    IT Office and Industrial Relocation

    Safemove packers and movers provide high-quality packing materials for office shifting and furniture relocation services. The services are available for all kinds of industries. The charges are affordable for the customers.

    Our experts and professionals will satisfy the needs with complete security and safety. You can compare the charges to choose the right packing and moving service if possible.

  • 3

    Warehousing services

    We provide warehousing services to the customers. The transportation of the car and bike is possible through the best transportation and vehicles. There are CCTV cameras available to protect them from theft and damage.

    It is another excellent benefit available to the people. The facilities are excellent in the warehouse available with Safemove packers and movers.

  • 4

    Storage services

    Safemove packers and movers are maintaining good warehouse services. The conditions of the protection and security are high at the warehouses for long-term storage of the products. Our managers are concentrating on the correct methods to have effective results.

  • 5

    Domestic relocation services

    Safemove packers movers act as the best packers and movers and have a huge name for relocation services. Professionals and experts are available to provide relocation at your destination.

    There is no reduction in the safety and security of the items in transit. You should collect complete information to shift the household and office items from one city to another. It is providing plenty of benefits to the customers.

  • 6

    Car Transport Services

    Safemove local packers and movers near me offer trusted vehicle shifting services to the customers. A list of the best bike transport is possible for the people. There are the best solutions available to global customers.

    The transportation services are of high-quality with complete security. The clients should collect complete information through the website of safemove packers and movers.

  • 7

    Loading and unloading services

    We offer packing loading and unloading services to the customers. The facilities provide precious goods from source to destination. There is a highly systematic service available to the clients and customers.

    The meeting of the needs and expectations is possible for customers. Complete security is available through our excellent professionals and experts.

  • 8

    Transportation Services

    Safemove packers and movers offer commercial good services by professionals and experts. We have a team of experts and professionals for the transportation of goods. There is an experience of more than 10 years in the transportation of the products. The meeting of customer needs is possible with qualified professionals.

  • 9

    Domestic pets shifting

    Safemove Movers and Packers will provide services in shifting domestic pets. It is the toughest work related to professional packers and movers services. Proper care and attention are paid to the transportation of pets.

    The best solutions are available to the clients and customers. No worries and concerns are available while relocating the pets from one place to another.

  • 10

    Insurance coverage

    Safemove cheap packers and movers provide complete insurance coverage as it is an inevitable part of packing and moving services. Coverage is available to all items that are transported with our experts and professionals. It is the best service available with the companies to have desired results. It is a top-priority service available to the people.

  • 11

    Door to door moving services

    Safemove packers and movers door-to-door services offered to the clients and customers. The delivery is possible at a specified place through top packers and movers. The clients can mention the details in the quote for timely delivery.

    It is one of the best services available in the relocation and local shifting process. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible.

Our Process

  • 1
    Pre Move Survey
  • 2
    Book Your Order
  • 3
    Schedule Your Move
  • 4
    Pack Your Things
  • 5
    Move Your Things
  • 6
    Deliver Your Things

Why Book Our Services for the Relocation and Shifting Process?

Safemove domestic packers and movers provide the best services in relocation and shifting services. There are logistics services provided to the customers. The design of the services is through professionals and experienced people.

The customers will get proper customer satisfaction with safe packers and movers. We aim at fulfilling the expectations at reasonable moving costs.

Cities Changes, Value don’t – Safemove packers and movers priorities your expectations

Safemove local packers and movers are one of the largest companies in the country. The establishment is in the early 90s and understands the needs of the clients. We have a clear vision and mission with less effort.

The evolution will take place for the growth of the companies and customer satisfaction services. Our experts and professionals are following the guidelines to have desired profits.

Our determination and hard work will provide the best work to the individuals. The packing and moving of the services are the best one for the customers. An expansion of services is possible by focusing on customer satisfaction instead of value. Either it is corporate shifting or industrial shifting; we are providing the best services to the customers.

Our managers have superlative guidance in the relocation of different items. The best solutions are provided to the customers and clients.

Moving solution assures convenience

Safemove packers and movers assure convenience and comfort to the customers. The booking of the services is possible from home with a register at an email or phone number. There is the elimination of contact with the physical moving and relocation services.

Our transportation services are easy to handle for drivers. It is a benefit available to the customers. You can collect complete information to have desired results.

Safety and security in relocation services

We will assure complete safety and security to the products in transportation. It is easy for customers to transport perishable and valuable goods. There are complete protection and prevention from loss to items in the transportation. Safemove movers and packers provide a lot of advantages with security and prevention from damage.

Customized packaging with Safemove packers and movers

There are customized packing and moving services available to the customers. The packing is done to provide safety to the items. The personalization of the packing is possible according to the needs and requirements of the customers. You can choose the correct measures for the packaging of the items.

ZERO damage with Safemove packers and movers

With the Safemove packers and movers in India, there is no damage to the packing and moving. There are several features available to protect the items to shift and relocate. Experts and professionals are paying attention to valuable goods. It is the prime reason that you should choose our moving services. If there is any damage, then insurance coverage is provided to the customers.

Packers and Movers Local Home shifting Charges

1 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 1000-3500
  • Lebour Charges RS. 1000-2500
  • Transporting Charges RS. 2500-4500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 4500-10500
2 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 2000-7500
  • Lebour Charges RS. 2500-6000
  • Transporting Charges RS. 2500-6500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 7000-20000
3 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 2900-9000
  • Lebour Charges RS. 3000-8000
  • Transporting Charges RS. 4000-8500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 9900-25500
4 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 4000-12000
  • Lebour Charges RS. 3500-9500
  • Transporting Charges RS. 5000-10500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 12500-32000

Note - The prices given are only approximate estimates of packer and moving costs for local moves. The actual moving service prices may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, we recommend that you contact us at least 5-7 days before you would like the shifting to take place. Then we would be able to plan and execute the entire shifting process in a better manner by taking valuable inputs from your end as well. That way we would ensure a hassle-free home shifting and commercial shifting. However, in case of urgent requirement too you may/can call us right away. We would be more than happy to assist you with our services even in the shortest possible time as we have the team and prudence to do that and still make it a certainty that the shifting process is absolutely a smooth one.

Although insurance is not an absolute necessity, however; still we recommend that you make an insurance just to stay on the safer side as despite utmost caution and all the preventive measures accidents are always a probability and something that is beyond anybody’s control.

If you so wish and ask for we can crate as many items as you would like us to. However, normally, we only crate electronic goods, fragile items, and mirrors/glass.

Before the moving gets going, you can most definitely call us and we would surely be providing you with as many cartons as you would like to have.

It depends on a lot of factors. However, we try our level best to make it as quick as possible. And in case of urgencies, we definitely give our best to expedite the process.

Why Did You Choose Safemove Packing and Moving Services

  • 1

    Plenty of years of trust

    Safemove Leading Packers and Movers have and experience of more than 30 years. We understand the needs and requirements of clients to provide loading, unloading, and transport services. The customers can look at the services and choose the right relocation and shifting. Our experienced staff members provide beneficial results to the customers.

  • 2

    100 + service locations

    We as Movers and Packers have more than 100+ service locations for the shifting and transportation of items. The global relocation of cars and bikes is possible with different service locations. The customers can contact us anywhere with ease and simplicity.

  • 3

    Country coverage

    There are more than 50 locations available. The coverage is available for the country to have desired results in transportation.

    There are more features and options available with the coverage. It is a benefit available to the customers of the site. You can move and relocate things to other countries without any problem.

  • 4

    Trained Manpower at Safemove packers and movers

    Safemove packers and movers have experts and professionals with trained manpower. The professionals are providing safe and secure transportation of the items. They have experience of more than 10 years for relocation and transportation services. The handling of valuable goods is with the skills and excellence to have effective results.

  • 5

    More than 50+ trucking cubes

    We have more than 50+ trucking cubes available for shifting of the items. It is an essential feature available at our professional services. The size of the container is great to have customer satisfaction. The fulfillment of the needs and requirements is possible with the trucking cubes.

  • 6

    GPS enabled vehicles at the packers and movers

    There are above 50+ GPS-enabled vehicles available at the packing and Moving company. The tracking of the current location is possible for the customers. It is another reason available for choosing the right packing and transportation services.

    You can pick a vehicle according to the needs and requirements. You can make use of containers based on the expectations.

  • 7

    Innovative technology at Safemove packers and movers

    We as a Relocation company have innovative technology available to protect and shift the office and household items. The technology will fulfill the needs and requirements of customers. Safemove packers and movers use the technology to have desired results in the relocation and other shifting procedures. Our trucks and vehicles will provide more profits to the customers and clients.

  • 8

    Warehouse space of 20 thousand Ft

    We have a warehouse space of more than 20 thousand Ft space to store things. The storage space is available for bigger and small units. It is a benefit available to the people.

    There are CCTV cameras available at the warehouses to have desired results. Our managers will keep a check over the items to have more convenience in storage.

  • 9

    Online consignment tracking

    We allow you for online consignment tracking. The tracking is possible at an online site or mobile phone. It is another essential available to the individuals.

    Along with offline, online tracking of a global consignment is possible for the customers. We are providing the benefit to the clients to have desired results.

  • 10

    Free Pre-move survey

    A free pre-move service is available to the customers before shifting services. We provide the facility to have desired results in the office and household relocation of items.

    It is a major advantage provided to the customers. There is no spending of the costs at the relocation and transportation of goods. It is one of the main reasons for choosing our services.

  • 11

    Request a Quote

    You can request a quote at the official site to have effective benefits. The customers have to enter their name, address, destination, and charges. You can book the services through a phone number or email address. Thus, Safemove packers and movers are the right choices available to the customers.

    Till now we have successfully served many clients all over Pune and have received appreciation from them for the same. Let’s have a word with our team and know how we can serve you better!

Our Testimonials

“Safmove had provide me a best service of bike shifting in Pune to Karnataka. I got my bike on time without any damage. Thank you!!!”

Kiran Malusare
(Professor in Wadiya College)

“The way they carried on the entire work of shifting with thorough sense of professionalism was simply outstanding. Must say they haven’t disappointed me one bit.”

Rajeev Kushwaha
(App Developer)

“Very Nice Service, with no hassle at all. Swift work and with affordable prices... Thank You Safemove!”

Shreyesh Khanzode
(IT Engineer)

Packers and Movers Car Transport Charges

Up to 200 km RS.3000-5000
0 to 400 km RS.4000-6000
0 to 600 km RS.5000-10000
0 to 800 km RS.6000-13000
0 to 1000 km RS.8000-14000
0 to 1300 km RS.9000-15000
0 to 1600 km RS.12000-18000
0 to 1900 km RS.13000-20000
0 to 2200 km RS.15000-24000
0 to 2600 km RS.17000-26000
0 to 3000 km RS.19000-29000
0 t 3500 km RS.21000-31000
0 to 4000 km RS.23000-35000

Note - The prices mentioned are just valuations that need to be considered with regard to standard moves. However, the final price may vary depending on the quality of service, the number of vehicles, vehicle type, and the brand choice of the mover.

What We Provide?

We provide end-to-end packing and moving solutions at a startlingly affordable pricing for both household and commercial need.

  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Loading
  • Transporting
  • Unloading service
    Unloading Service
  • Goods Insurance
    Goods Insurance
  • Full and Part Load service
    Part and Full Load

Packers and Movers Office Shifting Approx Rate List

Office Size Charges
100 to 250 sqft RS.5000-12500
100 to 500 sqft RS.8000-25000
100 to 750 sqft RS.10000-35000
100 to 1000 sqft RS.17000-45000
100 to 1000 sqft RS.17000-45000
100 to 1500 sqft RS.30000-65000
100 to 2000 sqft RS.40000-95000
100 to 3000 sqft RS.55000-125000
100 to 4000 sqft RS.75000-175000
100 to 5000 sqft RS.110000-225000
100 to 7000 sqft RS.150000-325000
100 to 9000 sqft RS.250000-415000
100 to 12000 sqft RS.350000-525000

Note - The prices mentioned are just valuations that need to be considered with regard to standard moves. However, the final price may vary depending on the quality of service, the number of goods, goods type, and the brand choice of the mover.
  • 12.5K
    + Home Shifting
  • 2K
    + Office Relocated
  • 1K
    + Vehicle Shifting
  • 40K
    + Square Feet Storage